Comparing the Performance of Azure Table Storage with Other Repositories

I have been using Azure Table Storage—ATS in a couple of my personal projects like Proofera, and I just love it. It is simple, the performance was decent and the storage quite cheap. A NoSQL key-value store like ATS is just perfect for storing lots of unrelated records like audit, and error. In our case, … Continue reading

Tip of the Month: Retrieving stock market data into your Google Docs-based spreadsheet

Yesterday I found this gem while creating a simple spreadsheet with a portfolio I am defining. Instead copy/pasting values of the stocks in my portfolio from any of the financial information providers, you can simply use the GoogleFinance(SYMBOL, ATTRIBUTE) function to get the latest indicators of your specified stock symbol.           … Continue reading

Azure error deploying: “The feature named NetFx451 that is required by the uploaded package is not available in the OS * chosen for the deployment”

  A quick search revealed that if your service is based on something below Windows Server 2012 R2, you’ll get this error for .Net 4.5.1. To fix this go into all your *.cscfg files and in the very top of the file, in the signature of<ServiceConfiguration> node, there is osFamily=”3″ property. Update this to osFamily=”4″. is live!

I am glad to announce that last week I released Proofera to the Web. This is an online proofreading and editing service I have been working during the last year. I devoted many late nights and weekends to this experiment. So far, it has been a tremendous learning experience. The help of Oscar Hormaza (developer), … Continue reading

Deploying an Entire Environment using Azure and PowerShell, Part 2

In a previous post, I detailed how to automate the creation of a standard multi-server environment using the IaaS capabilities in Azure. During the last days I had the opportunity of enhancing these scripts a bit. This second part of the post describe the enhancements. Basically, the original scripts followed these set of steps: Defining … Continue reading